Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jun Liu, Xin Long Dong, Gang Yi Zhou

Abstract: The large deformation of powder molding pressing machine in the load affects the accuracy of the machine. The model of powder molding press...

Authors: Ka Zhang, Xiao Sheng Cheng, Ning Dai, Hai Hua Cui

Abstract: As the traditional calibration methods are difficult to ensure the calibration accuracy and system stability, a new optimization design of...

Authors: Huai Rong Shi, Yan Nian Rui

Abstract: In machines working under the effect of alternating stresses, the fatigue bending deflection occured occasionally. On the basis of the Fuzzy...

Authors: Feng Liu, Bin Lin, Yu Mei Gong

Abstract: In this paper, the connection parameters of HSK tool-holder are investigated. After simulation analyses, the results show that the...

Authors: Zi Zhao Zheng, Yan Hai Hu

Abstract: The optimization of collaborative scheduling in supply chain was studied. Aimed at minimizing processing time, the model of collaborative...

Authors: Yi Dai, Zhong Min Wang, Guang Ling

Abstract: How to acquire prior distribution is a key to Bayes method. Firstly, a nonlinear constrained optimal model of probability density function...

Authors: Jian Feng Zhou, Bo Qin Gu, Chun Lei Shao

Abstract: The flat end face mechanical seals are widely used in shaft sealing at moderate rotational speed. The thermal deformation of the rotating...

Authors: Shu Bo Liu, Shu Min Zhou, Li Yong Hu

Abstract: This paper applies differential evolution (DE) algorithm to realize the output tracking control and synchronization of continuous chaotic...

Authors: Wei Da Sun, Yan Bing Ni, Yu Hu Yang

Abstract: The study concentrated on a radial telescopic-type tire building drum, analyzed the frameworks and working principle. Make motion analysis...

Authors: Xin Li, Qun Yan, Da Tai Yu

Abstract: The accurate mathematical model is an important tool for simulation and design analysis of fuel cell power systems. Semi-empirical models...


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