Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shao Feng Yang, Wei Ping Chen, Meng Yan Han, De Zhi Zhu

Abstract: Metal matrix composites (MMCs) were produced by Ni-induced pressureless infiltration using Fe alloy. The mainly fabrication process was that...

Authors: Shu Fa Chen, Jian Bo Lei, Xiu Bo Liu

Abstract: The boronizing layers of 45 steel of drilling pump liner have been remelted with laser, and the wear resistance properties, phase transition...

Authors: Ke Peng Qiu, Wei Hong Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, the microstructures with extreme properties are designed through the generalized shape optimization, which is implemented...

Authors: Kai Wang, Shen Jie Zhou, Zhi Feng Nie

Abstract: Based on the constrained variational principle, the mixed multi-variable natural neighbor Galerkin method for couple-stress elasticity is...

Authors: Xiao Gang Liu, Bin Lin, Kai Chen

Abstract: According to model analysis of gilling machine’s hauling box, this paper presents the research on the complex structure’s model analysis....

Authors: Wei Ming He, Yan Hai Hu, Li Li Guo

Abstract: Based on single vendor and single buyer, vendor supplies buyer with a product, and the vendor split order into many equal shipments to...

Authors: Ju Long Yuan, Yong Liang Hu, Bing Hai Lv, Qian Fa Deng, Xin Ma

Abstract: Different spherical shape models of precision ball-lapping are presented and discussed in this paper. A selective analysis of spherical...

Authors: Kai Nie, Ming Yong Lai, Wei Li, Er Bao Cao

Abstract: With the rapid growing of domestic rural market, it is important to develop rural logistics system. Up to now, the general two-direction...

Authors: Zhou Yang

Abstract: SERVQUAL, a basic framework adopted wildly in evaluating service quality, was applied in the modern logistics with 32 theory indexes. In...

Authors: Lei Fan, Li Ping Zhao, Yi Yong Yao

Abstract: It is crucial to solve the conflict scale economies and product variety for product family plan. Therefore, from the view of functional...


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