Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xian Qiu Zhu, Dong Gao, Gang Wei Cui

Abstract: It is inefficient and complicate to detect geometric errors of a heavy machine tool with large scale dimensions by using traditional laser...

Authors: Zhang Jian Ma, Ning Dai, Hai Hua Cui

Abstract: In order to detect the distance automatically, a distance detect system was established. It applied methods such as how to obtain the laser...

Authors: Qing Min Liu, Zhi Kui Liu, Qiong Hong Lei, Kui Zhang

Abstract: This paper proposes a new kind of detection method based on CCD to measure geometry sizes and roundness error of chain board of roller...

Authors: Hong Lian Yuan, Xin Long Dong, Jie Yang

Abstract: In this paper, the sensing block method proposed by Tanimura etc. which would be used to measure the dynamic force, was discussed...

Authors: Yu Qing Shi

Abstract: Wrinkling and tearing are the main failure modes in sheet-metal forming. Wrinkle may occur at the start of a punch stroke if the...

Authors: Ke Zhang, Xiao Ming Cao

Abstract: To improve inclination error evaluation of planar lines, chaos optimization is proposed to evaluate the minimum zone error in this paper....

Authors: Li Yong Hu, Di Zheng, Jian Ming Zhan, Yi Min Deng

Abstract: Tension control is widely used in industrial production. This paper gives one tension control method using MRF damper as the actuator. The...

Authors: Tie Neng Guo, Dong Liang Guo, Li Gang Cai, Bin Song, Jing Nan Zhao

Abstract: The combined three-section crossbeam is an important component in the heavy gantry CNC milling-lathing machine tool and the dynamic...

Authors: Yin Qun Hua, Rui Fang Chen, Zhong Xiu Niu, Jie Yu

Abstract: Cu thin films were prepared by DC magnetron sputtering on Si substrate, and the resistivities change by adjusting its sputtering parameters....

Authors: Pei Yun Zhang, Yan Hu Zhang, Xiao Li Wang, Xi Jun Hua, Yong Hong Fu

Abstract: The effect of various micro isosceles-trapezoid grooves on improvement of tribological performance is discussed. It is accomplished through...


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