Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xi Lin Zhu, Chun Bao Liu, Wen Xing Ma, Xiao Qiang Wu

Abstract: Regarding front-wheel drive passenger car, because of the limit of power transmission system space, a torque converter was developed to the...

Authors: Xiao Chun Ma, Guang Fei Xu

Abstract: The 10MoWVNb steel lens gaskets are widely used for the flange linking of high pressure tube in the synthetic ammonia system in chemical...

Authors: Yong Yan Wang, Xin Hua Fu, Tian Tong Guo, Li Chen, Hui Qing Mao

Abstract: Based on the theory of fatigue life prediction and by using the local stress-strain method and the material S-N curve of Q235 deduced by...

Authors: Yue Xi Zhou, Fa Shen, Li Li Yang

Abstract: In industrial design, Color is not only equally important for product design, but also for building the national brands and increasing the...

Authors: Ke Shan Liang, Jian Zhong Shang, Li Tang, Yu Jun Cao, Chen Cheng

Abstract: Based on present research states and new problems of current collaborative design (CD), the paper presents a solution of building Virtual...

Authors: Jing Shun Fu, Jin Wang, Jun Feng Wang

Abstract: The strength and the stiffness of light-duty truck driving axle housing were analyzed by using the finite element method. The stress...

Authors: Guo Qing Wu, Wei Nan Zhu, Jing Ling Zhou

Abstract: There is a magnetic field inside of the radial bearing. The magnetic field distribution is one of the key factors that decides the running...

Authors: Jing Shun Fu, Jun Feng Wang, Jin Wang

Abstract: The heavy-duty truck’s gearbox housing is studied in this paper. The analysis model is built with finite element software. MPC (multipoint...

Authors: Xian Wen Miao, Gen Fu Yuan

Abstract: With the gradual expansion of the scale of higher education in our country, contradictions between quality and scale of higher education...

Authors: Zhen Guo Sun, Bo Qin Gu, Xing Lu Huang

Abstract: Based on the time-correlated leakage model and fuzzy random probability theory, a formula for calculating fuzzy random reliability of...


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