Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Bo Lei, Zhen Wang, Li Feng Liu

Abstract: In order to study forming shape distribution of laser molten pool in laser fabricating, a CCD-based image detection system was developed....

Authors: Zhao Xin Meng, Zhi Wei Li, Jun Cao

Abstract: In view of defects of static detection for screw, such as low efficiency, man made errors, this paper designed a dynamic detecting system,...

Authors: Xiao Bin Pan, Ya Ming Tang, Xiao Jun Zhou

Abstract: This paper designed a type of freeform surface roughness measurement bench using parallel-mechanism. The virtual prototype of surface...

Authors: Jun Liu, Jiang Zhu

Abstract: Based on the unique geometry and mechanical movement of beam pumping unit, this paper presented a simple swing equation and computed...

Authors: Hong Liang Chen, Lin Rong Hong, Tie Liu Wang, Kong Bao Lu, Yu Feng Luo

Abstract: The cost of development for physical prototypes of parallel robots is high and the optimization cycle is long. The optimum method of high...

Authors: Dong Su Zhang, Zu Wei Dong, Bin Chen, Li Zhi Yang

Abstract: A new lower pressure water jet cutter has been invented, which adopts the technology of premixed abrasive jet and computer numerical control...

Authors: Gang Yi Zhou, Jun Liu, Xin Long Dong, Feng Hua Zhou

Abstract: A method is described for performing the tensile strength of fragile material studies using electromagnetically launched expanding composite...

Authors: Li Jun Liu, Ying Hou Lou

Abstract: Because welding system is given the look function by laser image sensing, the automation of welding system is well improved. But the two...

Authors: Deng Feng Zhao, Guo Ying Zeng

Abstract: Based on the group theory and the complex division method, the dimension classified method for planar multi-loop mechanism was analyzed....

Authors: De Wei Sun, Zhi Gang Chen, Guang Yu Zhang

Abstract: In order to verify the reliability of a calibration mechanism including a motion component used in the satellite, the dynamic analysis for...


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