Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Han Ning Zhang, Ji Feng Xu

Abstract: Based on the analysis of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, this study explored the method of product design which takes five levels of human...

Authors: Bing Chuan Bian, Guan Ming Peng, Yun Kang Sui

Abstract: In this paper, according to the ICM (Independent Continuous Mapping) method, the topology optimization problem of continuum structures is...

Authors: Ke Xi Guo, Ying Huang, Hua Zong

Abstract: This paper elaborates the main contents of collaborative design supported by computer and discusses cores of collaborative design...

Authors: Qian Hao, Li Xin Gao, Xu Wang, Hui Ye

Abstract: Fault vibration signals of gear box are faint shock and are hardly extracted, which bring a big difficulty for diagnosis. This paper mainly...

Authors: Rong Jiang

Abstract: Modern management is a science of technology that adopts analysis, test and quantification methods to make a comprehensive arrangement of...

Authors: Xue Сhang Zhang, Xu Zhang, Ying Hou Lou, Jun Hua Chen

Abstract: The failure of the gas valve’s external screw taper thread is a very serious problem which may result in accidents. Routine inspection on...

Authors: Yong Hou Sun, Jing Zhang, Mei Fa Huang, Jiang Tai Huang, Xiong Cheng

Abstract: In this paper, a method for axis to plane in random direction perpendicularity error evaluation based on new generation GPS is proposed. On...

Authors: Ke Wang, Hua Bo He

Abstract: In conceptual mechanical design process, designers sometimes focus their attentions on mapping a sub-function or functional unit to a single...

Authors: Hua Bo He, Ke Wang

Abstract: Behavioral characteristic is one of the important targets in conceptual design and re-design of electromechanical products. To summarize the...

Authors: Liang Shi, Yi Min Deng

Abstract: Assembly devices are important in manufacturing systems. To study their conceptual design methodologies, it is necessary to investigate...


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