Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Song Sheng Li, Zhi Hong Hu, Peng Zhou, Peng Chen, Xiao Yang Chen, Jia Ming Gu, Li Xia Fu

Abstract: To analyze the lubricating state and the heating performances of the spindle bearings in ultra-high speed electric spindles, taken the...

Authors: Wen Fei Peng, Kang Sheng Zhang, Zheng Huan Hu

Abstract: . Determining axial movement displacement is a key question for designing the die which is used to form asymmetric shaft parts by CWR. FE...

Authors: Li Jun Yang, Xi Nan Dang

Abstract: This paper introduced some current researches on the corner error in WEDM and put forward the factors that have an influence on the corner...

Authors: Ji Feng Xu, Han Ning Zhang

Abstract: With times of ecological civilization coming, Green design is becoming a new horizon of modern furniture innovation and development. This...

Authors: Xi Feng Liang, Yong Wei Wang

Abstract: This work presents a workspace solving approach for a tomato harvesting manipulator with seven degrees of freedom (7 DOF) based on a special...

Authors: Yong Liang Chen, Shuang Liu, Han Tao Wang, Pei Hua Gu

Abstract: Headstock is a key component of gear milling machine. The dynamic functional performance of the headstock is usually influenced by...

Authors: Deng Yue Sun, Yuan Fang Zhang, Xian Wen Zha, Wen Wu Liu, Hui Wei Ma, You Qin Fan

Abstract: The key technology of the liquid core heavy reduction rolling mill relates to the roller’s normal life cycle in a bad work condition. It is...

Authors: Yun Ming Zhu, Gui Cheng Wang

Abstract: Micro-milling is widely used in material removal processes in industry. However, burrs are often formed on workpiece edges in milling...

Authors: Hong Ling Wei, Lin Gang Gu

Abstract: A direct temperature control method for electric heating dryers was proposed in order to obtain satisfactory control effect. The controller...

Authors: Kang Yang, Yi Yang

Abstract: Based on the simple crack model and the finite element method (FEM) theorem, the corresponding dynamic equation of the cracked rotor based...


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