Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhao Li, Ai Bing Yu, Hao Wang, Liang Dong

Abstract: Tool edge geometry has obvious influences on cutting tool behaviors. FEM modeling and simulation of orthogonal cutting process using uniform...

Authors: Wen Ran Gong, Jin Long Chen, Jiao Wang

Abstract: This paper used Finite Element Method to investigate the influence of the circular face-core debonding dimension on the further debond...

Authors: Duc Nam Nguyen, Ju Long Yuan, Bing Hai Lv, Zhe Wu

Abstract: As the consumer market in the optics, electronics and aerospace industries grows, the demand of ultra-precision aspheric surface increases....

Authors: Wei Yan Shang, Fa Ju Qiu

Abstract: In order to improve the ride performance of the wheel-tracked exploration robot, the suspension structure characteristics of wheel-tracked...

Authors: Guo Ping Li, Lu Wei Wang, Li Sheng Shu

Abstract: Based on electric pallet truck skids in the process of moving because of low road attachment coefficient, this paper proposed an anti-skid...

Authors: San Xiang Sun, Nan Yang Yu

Abstract: In this study, a computational analysis of the distribution of oxynitride concentrations in a tunnel is carried out by using the...

Authors: Miao Sen Gong, Ling Hao Zhang, Xian Zhang

Abstract: Social innovation is an emerging perspective of radical innovation transiting our society towards sustainability. Design, dealing with...

Authors: Xi Song

Abstract: Although Chinese industrial design has developed for over 30 years, the combination of design principles and practice could not meet the...

Authors: Hua Chun, Yu Guo Cui, Yong Li, Lei Qiu

Abstract: A new prototype of 2-DOF micro-positional stage was designed based on parallel structure according to the following requirements of the...

Authors: Yi Xu, Hong Fei Zhan, Jun He Yu, Li Sun

Abstract: Performance evaluation for knowledge management in organization is an important task under enterprise management. This paper designed a...


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