Advances in Engineering Design and Optimization

Volumes 37-38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.R. Zhang, X.G. Li, L.F. Yang, B. Yu

Abstract: The experimentation modal analysis is made in the bed of the CNC machine tool with the hammering method of the pulse excitation. Then the...

Authors: Xiao Lei Deng, Jian Zhong Fu, Yong He, Zi Chen Chen, Zhen Ya He

Abstract: Bed is a main component of a large precision linear rolling guide CNC grinding machine tool Its dynamic characteristics impact on machine...

Authors: Yao Man Zhang, Zhi Kun Xie, Qi Wei Liu

Abstract: The linear rolling guideway is one of the most essential parts of the machine tool. So it is very important to analyze the dynamic-static...

Authors: Li Gang Qu, Ke Qiang Pan, Xin Chen

Abstract: Flexible assembling fixture (FAF) is a new-style assembling equipment in assembly process of aircraft panel components, which is developed...

Authors: Jing Ling Zhou, Guo Qing Wu, Xiao Yang Chen, Wei Nan Zhu

Abstract: By using a new type pure rolling fatigue test rig with three contact points for silicon nitride bearing ball specimen, the contact...

Authors: Xiu Zhi Wang, Ai Bing Yu, Bin Lin, Ning Bao

Abstract: The nickel coatings and electroplated diamond tools were fabricated with ultrasonic and without ultrasonic condition. Hardness and adhesive...

Authors: Ai Bing Yu, Liang Dong, Yan Lin Wang

Abstract: Grinding stability was analyzed concerned with contact deformation and contact stiffness of wheels. Elastic deformations of the grinding...

Authors: Bing Suo Pan, Xiao Hong Fang, Yong Chang Tian

Abstract: For machining of hard and brittle materials, iron electrodeposit is a kind of matrix material with potential advantages for manufacture of...

Authors: Li Sun, Jun He Yu, Hong Fei Zhan, Yi Xu

Abstract: Starting from the product life cycle, this paper established the modeling of enterprise cluster entity at the base of analyzing the various...

Authors: An Ping Pan

Abstract: The fundamental purpose of housing design innovation is to provide residents with functional, well equipped, comfortable and beautiful...


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