Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: De Quan Zhu, Cheng Mao Cao, Lei Sun, Mei Zhu

Abstract: To improve the control precision of multi-joint robots, a adaptive fuzzy immune PID control method for multi-joint robots was presented...

Authors: Yan Wei Wang, Hui Li Yu

Abstract: A compressive sensing technique for image signal to cope with image compression and restoration is adopted in this paper. First of all...

Authors: Fei Yu Lian, Qing Li

Abstract: In this paper, we proposed a punctuated target identification method for underground homogeneous medium based on dielectric constant...

Authors: Ming Biao Li, Dong Dong Zou, Sheng Li Xie, Jun Wang

Abstract: The access strategy and method of control channel in WMN is an important research project. In this paper, description of access strategy and...

Authors: Xuan Du, Zi Fan Fang, Yi Zhang

Abstract: Aimed at the optimization problem of printed circuit board (PCB) assembly workshop (WPCBA) with multiple assembly machines and tasks,...

Authors: Hou Xing Tang

Abstract: Identification is an important topic on simultaneous equation econometric model. It determines that whether the coefficients of the...

Authors: Chuan Qiang Yu, Zhen Dong Qi, Zhen Ye Wang, Yu Wang

Abstract: In the error detection mechanism of CAN bus, when the failed node or line is not in the data exchange path, you will not detect the fault,...

Authors: Jian Ping Huang, Guo Xiang Song

Abstract: A novel image watermarking algorithm based on digital holography and ridgelet transform was designed by taking the advantage that ridgelet...

Authors: Zheng Yu Zhu, Wei Liu, Lin Liu, Ming Cui, Jin Yan Li

Abstract: The complexity of a real road network structure of a city and the variability of its real traffic information make a city’s intelligent...

Authors: Ran Zhou, Qing He, Jie Wu, Chao Hu, Q. H. Meng

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel inner and outer eye corners detection method, which inosculates corner, regional texture and gray information,...


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