Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Jian He, Rui Shu Liu, Huai Bo Song

Abstract: Edge detection is a means of generating compact descriptions which preserve most of the structural information in an image. However, the...

Authors: Shu Kai S. Fan, Yu Chiang Chuang, Jia Rong Wu

Abstract: Image registration is a fundamental task for combining two or more images taken from different viewpoints, different times, or different...

Authors: Yu Chiang Chuang, Shu Kai S. Fan

Abstract: Digital image and video have been widely applied to many practical applications due to their simple image acquirement. Image registration is...

Authors: Wang Qiang Niu, Wei Min Xu, Xi Xia Huang, Jian Hua Wang, Ai Di Shen, Jian Xin Chu

Abstract: In an inductively coupled power transfer (ICPT) system, a primary capacitance is usually used to minimize the VA rating of power supply, and...

Authors: Xin Gang Li, Yan Hu

Abstract: The ultimate goal of remote sensing image processing is to analyze and interpret the image. The classification is the most basic question of...

Authors: Ting Jun Li, Ji Wen Fan, Zhi Yong Liu, Jie Wang, Lian Sheng Wang

Abstract: TACAN beacon is expensive. It can not meet the needs of training and learning. The use of simulation cabinet can effectively training the...

Authors: Ting Jun Li, Wen Song Zhou, Ai Hong Zhu, Zhi Yu Che, Zhen Yu Song

Abstract: The airborne passive location has the characteristics of good mobility and scope range is wide. The location accuracy of traditional...

Authors: Guo Yun Zhang, Long Yuan Guo, Jian Hui Wu

Abstract: The paper focuses on eyes location under nonlinear illuminations. Considered phase congruency is insensitive to illumination, a novel...

Authors: Ni Hong Wang, Shao Qing Tian, Peng Zhao, Xin Wang

Abstract: TRIZ theory and electronic image stabilization technology and gray projection algorithm are introduced briefly. In the course of the study...

Authors: Qing Yu Wang, Wei Chi, Wei Zhuo Sun

Abstract: Weighted Centroid Localization (WCL) is an improvement algorithm of traditional Centroid Localization (CL) in wireless sensor network. In...


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