Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Samuel Lukas, Arnold Aribowo, Steven Christian Halim

Abstract: Shikaku is a logic puzzle published by Nikoli at 2005. Shikaku has a very simple rule. This puzzle is played on a rectangular grid. Some of...

Authors: Ping Zhang, Zuo Cheng Xing

Abstract: It is important to own the capability of debugging application and system software and multitasking system in the design of microprocessor...

Authors: Qing He, Ning Wei, Wei Liu, Chao Hu, Q. H. Meng

Abstract: Some projective points (2D-points) of the same 3D-point captured by different cameras are called corresponding points. The task of finding...

Authors: Xu Liang Xie, Ali Hui

Abstract: A new idea, using chirplet as the staff to define fractal dimension, is proposed in this paper, based on self- similitude of knowing essence...

Authors: Ali Hui

Abstract: A new method for image edge detection based on envelope curve of histogram is proposed, aimed at the characteristics of high voltage...

Authors: Xue Mei Hu, Wei Zhou

Abstract: Firstly, this paper analysed the existed problem on traditional controlling way of city water supply system, then elaborated the controlling...

Authors: D. J. Yu, Y.H. Chen, Z. Zhen, Y. Qi, L. S. Lin

Abstract: This paper designs a GPRS-based system to effectively monitor and control large scale Photovoltaic Power Plants. Single-Chip microcomputer...

Authors: Fu Nan He, Shu Yue Chen, Guo Dong Shi

Abstract: Referring to the military sonar hunting submarine principle,the author converts the multi-constraint issue into the multidimensional space...

Authors: Xin Fen Ge, Jing Tao Jin

Abstract: The intrinsically redundant series manipulator’s kinematics were studied by the exponential product formula of screw theory, the direct...

Authors: Fang Ren, Zheng Yan Liu, Zhao Jian Yang

Abstract: In order to settle such a problem that the multi-sensors data fusion results are not good due to data confliction in the coal-rock interface...


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