Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Xin Liu, Shao Hua Tang, Kai Wei

Abstract: This paper presents OntoRT, an ontology model for Role-base Trust-management(RT) framework, which covers a large fragment of RT including...

Authors: Shu Man Wang, Wei Wang

Abstract: In this paper a DOA estimation algorithm based on ADBF technology is proposed. Hardware platform of DSP and FPGA is designed to implement...

Authors: Ji Wen Chen, Jin Sheng Zhang, Zhi Wang, Jing Kun Wang

Abstract: The reasonable functional modules partition is crucial to technical solution of function in product innovation design. Technical evolution...

Authors: Fang Liang Luo, Li Qian An, Ling Tao Mao, Jian Cheng Xu, Lei Li, Yan Jiang

Abstract: With the coalface excavates, surrounding rock of roadway will occur deformation in different degrees. When the rock deformation exceeds a...

Authors: Zu Li Sun, Ming En Guo, Lian Sheng Wang, Jie Wang, Ting Jun Li

Abstract: In this paper, the author put forward a method of making Cherry tonic wine, which is made from cherry and aromatic plants such as safflower,...

Authors: Xu Li, Shi Gong Wang, Ke Zheng Shang, Sheng Chen Li, Lan Hui Zhang, Hai Zhou, Yi Fan Cheng

Abstract: By using .NET platform and open source Sharpmap technology, a short-range and nowcasting operation system was established for Qinghai. Many...

Authors: Jian Chao Shao, Xue Mei Guo, Bing Qi Chen

Abstract: A new algorithm of vehicle license plate automatic recognition for exit and entrance was proposed in this research. Firstly, using the gray...

Authors: Ning Han Liu, Hsiang Ming Hsu, Tien Cheng Huang

Abstract: Due to the proliferation of low cost wireless sensors, there is growing research interest in their applications, for example, in home...

Authors: Tian Li, Hong Zhou, Yu Bin Yuan

Abstract: This paper is about the current trend of personalized education, which established a thumbprint information model of Adaptive Learning...

Authors: Yan Bing Du

Abstract: By analyzing the features of ETG (Electronic Tourist Guide) system, this paper discussed the key technologies about its implementation: Map...


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