Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems II

Volumes 58-60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Di, Bao Xing

Abstract: Based on demand uncertainty, the paper studies inventory management decision of two competing supply chains from the perspective of customer...

Authors: Hong Bin Shen, Pan Pan Wu

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of interactive communication between virtual reality development platform Virtools and serial port...

Authors: Bi Gang Hong

Abstract: Information technology greatly facilitates our lives, and at the same time, people are able to invade personal privacy more easily than...

Authors: Guo Chen Niu, Ping Xu, Qi Feng

Abstract: According to environment characteristic of airport terminal, a simple and feasible global localization method of terminal service robot...

Authors: Yan Chen, Shu Dong Zhang

Abstract: Aviation safety information is the foundation of implementing safety operation, risk control, safety performance monitor, safety decision to...

Authors: Yuan Chen, Xiao Wen Zhang

Abstract: Focused ion beam (FIB) system is a powerful microfabrication tool which uses electronic lenses to focus the ion beam even up to nanometer...

Authors: Jun Xia Liu, Shao Hua Liu, Jun Sheng Yu, Peng Xie, Ze Jian Lu, Xiao Dong Chen

Abstract: To meet large-scale and time-sensitive needs of navigation Satellite enhance information distribution network in Global Position...

Authors: Yi Sheng Huang, Tso Hsien Liao

Abstract: Statechart has been utilized as a visual formalism for the modeling of complex systems. It illuminates the features on describing properties...

Authors: He Wei Yu, Xiao Yang Xu

Abstract: This paper proposes an improved scheme of FHMIPv6 (Fast Handover for Hierarchical Mobile IPv6). Using buffer tables to store the information...

Authors: Hong Wei Jiao, Shi Qiao Qin, Chun Sheng Hu, Xing Shu Wang

Abstract: Three-dimensional imaging lidar can offer the range information and CCD camera can offer the color information of the target. These two...


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