Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Wei Yan, Zi Ming Kou, Bo Gao, Juan Wu, Xian Hui Wang

Abstract: Along with the rapid development of chemical industry and the progress of science and technology, a large number of risk source tanks safe...

Authors: Guo Fu Wang, Peng Deng, Chao Fan Zhang, Fa Quan Zhang, Jin Cai Ye

Abstract: The method of stage filling mining is introduced in this paper. In order to control the shaft of overburden movement and protect auxiliary...

Authors: Juan Li, Hong Zhi Yang, Mei Han, Jin Chao Xu, Xiao Dong Li, Xiu Ting Han, Yuan Fang Cheng

Abstract: International tension between energy supply and demand boost developments of energy-saving industry. Structure drawbacks of four linkage bar...

Authors: Xin Lu, Yong Gang Yu, Yan Huang Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, a one-dimensional mathematical model is established and simulated numerically for the interior ballistic cycle of two-stage...

Authors: Xue Yi Zhang, Hong Bin Yin, Li Wei Shi

Abstract: In order to solve the problem that no-load magnetic flux leakage coefficient is not accurate when it is calculated by the method of magnetic...

Authors: Tang Sheng Wang, Jing Hai Yin, Jian Feng Hu

Abstract: This article focused on the effect of group counseling in classes building and students’ positive explanation style in Chinese colleges. The...

Authors: Cheng Sheng Tu

Abstract: As present constraint frequent neighboring class set mining algorithms have some redundancy candidate constraint frequent neighboring class...

Authors: Xu Feng Jiang, Zhen Hui Qiu, Ying Zong

Abstract: In order to verify the effectiveness of oil analysis technology on air compressor condition monitoring, oil samples are taken from...

Authors: Xian Guo Han, Peng Zi Sun, Ye Ping Zhao, Ji Peng Cao

Abstract: This paper gives a model of using CFD to calculate the airflow between taker-in and its casing in the A186 carding machine for researching...

Authors: Wen Song Lin, Ning Xiang Fang

Abstract: Reaction sintering B4C/SiC ceramics with high density were manufactured. The effect of the carbon content in green bodies on the...


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