Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Sheng Wang, Cui Wu

Abstract: A numerical investigation in the CFD method of the heat transfer characteristics and the self-sustained oscillation flow is conducted in a...

Authors: Xu Li, Kai Liu

Abstract: Experimental investigation results of the fuel nozzle group in a heavy-duty gas turbine are presented. Atomization characteristic has great...

Authors: Xu Li, Kai Liu

Abstract: Study of experiment system and experimental investigation results of the group nozzles in a heavy-duty gas turbine are expatiated. In order...

Authors: Tian Gang Zhang, Xiao Yun Hou

Abstract: Large investments have already been made in Europe and the US through R&T programmes and collaborations to reduce the negative...

Authors: Tian Gang Zhang, Xiao Yun Hou

Abstract: The increase, in recent years, in the size and efficiency of gas turbines burning natural gas in combined cycle has occurred against a...

Authors: Jia Hui, Xiao Peng Wan, Mei Ying Zhao

Abstract: This paper proposed a new method to detect the damage of composite skin/stringer panel structure using modal strain energy combined with...

Authors: Ye Li, Yong Jie Pang, Shu Ling Huang, Peng Yun Chen

Abstract: Underwater vehicle plays an important role in ocean engineering. Depth control by fin is one of the difficulties for underwater vehicle in...

Authors: Mei Yu, Hai Li Liao, Ming Shui Li, Cun Ming Ma, Nan Luo, Ming Liu

Abstract: Long-span suspension bridges, due to their flexibility and lightness, are much prone to the wind loads, aerodynamics performance has become...

Authors: Mei Yu, Hai Li Liao, Qiao Li, Cun Ming Ma, Ming Liu

Abstract: For the intermediate pylons of multi-pylon cable-stayed bridges can’t be connected by backstays to fixed points, it is possible to produce...

Authors: Ni Jun Qian, Qiu Ping Cheng, Zhi Yun Liu, Xiao Rui Dong

Abstract: A crane’s online safety assessment system is introduced in this paper, which adopted the 3-tiers structure, dotnet and sql technology. The...


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