Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Wei Ning Bao, Xiao Hong Zhang, Yong Sheng Zhao, Yun Qing Zhang

Abstract: Due to nonlinearity, preload-dependent spring force and parameters uncertainty in air spring, it is difficult to control this suspension...

Authors: Feng Lin Han, Feng Xiong, Rui Bo He

Abstract: To get a deeper understanding of the relationship between the flat belt axial motion (FBAM) and the angles of rollers, a test rig was...

Authors: Feng Lin Han, Feng Xiong, Rui Bo He

Abstract: To improve the calculation accuracy of the wrap angles, which are key parameters for the estimation of the maximum torque of the belt...

Authors: L. Zhang

Abstract: A new theoretical model for the directed thermal diffusion fractalgrowth of thin plate with environmental disturbance is considered to...

Authors: Yue Ying Zhu, Gui Fan Zhao, You Shan Wang, Li Liang Yin

Abstract: The finite element method was used to establish model of radial tire and analysis the characteristics of tire in driving state to improve...

Authors: Xin Bo Xiong, Cen Cen Chu, Jian Feng Huang

Abstract: The effect of alkaline hydrothermal temperature on the transformation of induction heating deposited monetite coatings to hydroxyapatite...

Authors: Hamed Ajabi Naeeni, Mohammad Haghpanahi

Abstract: Viscoelasticity is an inherent property of the soft biological tissue and is increasingly used as a diagnostic parameter, e.g. in...

Authors: Qing Ying Li, Tian Bai, Chun Ling Zhu

Abstract: A two-dimensional electromagnetic eddy current field analysis model of the experimental electro-impulse deicing system (EIDI) is developed....

Authors: Lin Qiu, Min Yan, Song Lu

Abstract: This paper studied a phase change process of phase change material (PCM) application building energy storage by CFD software. Set up the...

Authors: Wei Qiang Jia, You Fang Huang, Yun Zhu Wang

Abstract: Based on the Rate-Variable Fundamental In-tree Modeling Method of the System Dynamics, this paper discusses a problem that how to apply the...


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