Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Sheng Yao Gao, De Shi Wang, Qi Zheng Zhou

Abstract: To control the inertial forces and moments, the new type of the reciprocating cam engine with counter-position placement has been invented....

Authors: Sheng Yao Gao, De Shi Wang, Qi Zheng Zhou

Abstract: As the most dominative component under stress in an external combustion cam engine, the working condition of piston is very rigor. Once new...

Authors: X. Liao, W. Zhou, Z.Y. Guo, Bei Peng

Abstract: This work studies the size effect on voltage-dependent resonant frequency of fixed-fixed carbon nanotubes (CNTs) resonator. Specifically,...

Authors: Da Kui Feng, Wei Wen Zhao, Wu Bo Pei, Ya Cheng Ma

Abstract: A hydrodynamic model of towed system is studied. The model of towed cable in this paper is based on the Ablow and Schechter method. A basic...

Authors: Yi Chen Wang, Yi Kun Wang

Abstract: Software has been used more and more widely in CNC systems, the defects caused by soft­ware among all defects of a CNC device have been...

Authors: Li Jing Yu, You Li Feng

Abstract: Zeolite as a cheap mineral material in industry used in catalytic and environment protection, long time has passed for research on zeolite...

Authors: Xiao Juan Zhang, Guan Jun Qiao, Xiao Zhang

Abstract: High purity Al2O3 powder was used as raw material and MgO was used as additive to sinter alumina transparent ceramics...

Authors: Lu Dai, Tie Jun Yang, Yao Sun, Ji Xin Liu

Abstract: Vibration and acoustic radiation of circular cylindrical shells are hot topics in the structural engineering field. However for a long...

Authors: Ming Hui Wang, Yong Quan Yu, Bi Zeng

Abstract: The uncertainty of ship models and interferences can lead to reduce the effectiveness of conventional roll stabilization controller...

Authors: Y.L. Tang, Rong Di Han, Lin Geng, Jia Bin Ju

Abstract: With Third Wave AdvantEdge FEM software, an equivalent finite element model in tapping has been built, making a simulation study of the chip...


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