Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhang Long Chen, Liang Liang Tang, Si Bin Niu, Chuang Yu

Abstract: Driven piles commonly generate excess pore water pressures in the surrounding soil. The reconsolidation of the clay around the piles is...

Authors: Yang Song, Yan Lin, Ming Xia Zhang, Pin Le Qin

Abstract: Based on the theory of nonlinear random dynamic and ship oscillatory motions, by analyzing the spectrum of the random ocean wave and the...

Authors: Fei Xiang, Xi Chen

Abstract: This paper discusses the method to generate the chaotic attractor of the continuous system by discretizing its state equation, based on the...

Authors: Feng Shan Pan, Chun Ming Ye, Jiao Yang

Abstract: This paper reviews joint inventory management models and discusses its contribution to improve the overall supply chain competitiveness,...

Authors: Zi Min Jin, Qiao Hua Shen, Ming Shan Fan, Jian Wei Tao

Abstract: To research thermal and moisture comfort of seamless knitted fabric made of triangle-hollow nylon which is developed newly, the paper...

Authors: Xin Min Dong, Jie Han, Wang Shen Hao

Abstract: The rotor motion and the information fusion of single section were discussed; the fault diagnosis method for rotary machinery based on the...

Authors: Dong Hua Guo, Jun Ma, Xue Feng Ma, Lei Peng

Abstract: This paper explains the theory of the secondary rainbow and provides a test method of refractive index of the high refractive index glass...

Authors: Bing Lin Lv, Wan You Li, Jun Dai, Hai Jun Zhou, Fei Xiang Guo, Zhan Bin Gao

Abstract: In this paper, one newly developed method named the Improved Fourier Series method is applied to the vibration analysis of a beam...

Authors: Yue Jin Zhang, Yan Li, Qiao Xiang Gu

Abstract: Variant design is a common technology in mechanical design, but it’s inefficient to measure the variant parts using the traditional...

Authors: Xiao Zhang, Yun Gang Li, Hu Cheng, Heng Kun Liu

Abstract: In this paper, the analytical solution to the planar magnetic field of a linear permanent magnet Halbach array is researched on. First, the...


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