Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

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Authors: Feng Shan Pan, Chun Ming Ye, Ji Hua Zhou

Abstract: Production scheduling problem is the one of the most basic, important and difficult theoretical research in a manufacturing system. In the...

Authors: Kun Qiao, Bo Zhu, Xiang Yu Yin, Cheng Rui Di, Wei Zhao, Xiao Dong Gao

Abstract: Aramid fiber (AF) was treated by NaOH solution of various concentrations with supersonic vibration at room temperature. The density of NaOH...

Authors: Kun Qiao, Bo Zhu, Xiao Dong Gao, Cheng Rui Di, Wei Zhao, Xiang Yu Yin

Abstract: The comparison between carbon fiber reinforced different matrixes composites was studied in this work. Carbon fiber reinforced phenolic...

Authors: Xiao Lan Ge, Duo Wei, Cai Jun Wang, Bing Zeng, Zhi Chao Chen

Abstract: The Ni-P-SiC composite coatings with homogeneous distribution were prepared through adding nano-SiC grains into the Ni-P chemical plating...

Authors: Hong Sheng Hu, Juan Wang

Abstract: In order to improve its comprehensive properties and speed up its development period, a measuring-controlling platform was designed and...

Authors: Guang Xue Yang, Qiang Li, Ji Long Xie

Abstract: In this paper, aimed at wheel-axle with axle load of 30 ton, the three dimensional finite element model was established, and the...

Authors: Yang Xu, Xiao Lei Cheng, Zhi Liu, Huan Ru Shi, Jian Ming Jian

Abstract: ZnO/SiO2 composite films were deposited on Si substrate by RF magnetron sputtering technique and annealed in air .The influence...

Authors: Min Zhao, Wen Fu Wu, Ya Qiu Zhang

Abstract: In this article, separation of touching grain kernels and measurement of geometric features in an image are presented. The objective of this...

Authors: Bin Tang, Chuan Jing Chen, Zhi Yong Xue, Chung Jing Wu, Shuang Shou Li

Abstract: The tensile properties and fracture mechanisms of fully lamellar TiAl based alloy was studied by room and high temperature (400°C) tensile...

Authors: Guang Zhang, Wei Nie, Yong Lu, Jing Xi Chen, Jun Rong Ma

Abstract: This paper introduces the plan and the process of dynamical and statical load test study which is made on the road bridge. It can validate...


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