Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Fei Sun, Nana Guo, Can Ming Wang, Zhong Li Li, Hai Yun Zhu

Abstract: The microstructure of high-entropy Alloys AlFeCuCoNiCrTix (x=0, 05, 1.0) with different titanium contents had been studied. The results...

Authors: Qi Tao Pei, Hai Bo Li, Y.Q. Liu, Feng Wei Yang

Abstract: Focus on the topography features of V-shaped deep river valley in Ada dam area, the influence of intensively, moderately and slightly...

Authors: Xiao Lei Teng, Ming Wei Di

Abstract: In this paper the surface of wood/polyethylene (PE) composites were treated by liquid oxidation, and the structure of surface for...

Authors: Yan Tao, Ming Wei Di

Abstract: The surface of wood/polyethylene (PE) composites was treated by low-pressure glow discharge of air plasma to improve its adhesion...

Authors: Hui Gong, Ming Fu Yin

Abstract: The paper researched on the globoidal indexing cam, and established the parameter design system based on VC++ Object-Oriented method and...

Authors: Ming Fu Yin, Xiao Qing Li, Hui Gong

Abstract: This paper has designed the T-channel, the fish-tail channel and the coat-hanger channel, and compared them separately. The conclusion has...

Authors: Xian Jie Meng, Chang Cheng Zhou

Abstract: A two degrees of freedom nonlinear dynamics model of self-excited vibration induced by dry-friction of brake disk and pads is built firstly,...

Authors: Xian Jie Meng

Abstract: A one degree of freedom nonlinear dynamics model of self-excited vibration induced by dry-friction was built firstly, the numerical method...

Authors: Zheng Hui Li, Yan Mei Cao, He Xia

Abstract: In order to study the ground vibrations induced by high-speed train passing on viaduct, two FEM sub-models, the train-bridge-pier model and...

Authors: Huan Su, Shou Qian Sun, Hai Hua Ren, Xiao Jian Liu

Abstract: The paper introduced a computer-aided industrial design system: Forklift Truck’s Multi Plan Optimizaion System, and demonstrated the...


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