Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Bin Fu, Xin Hua Yang, Ping Sha Dong, Rui Ming Ren

Abstract: Mesh-insensitive structural stress approach is a robust method for fatigue characteristic analysis of welded structures and has been...

Authors: Xiao Wei Chen, Ya Gao, Hong Liang Zhao, Kang Rong Weng, Bao Feng Zhang

Abstract: Al-3Ti-0.5B master alloy was prepared by reaction of Ti sponge, KBF4 with aluminum melt. The morphology and distribution of the...

Authors: Yong Liu, Ning Ping Cao

Abstract: High-speed trains are easily got overturned in strong crosswind. This paper aims to analyze the fluid field of high-speed train under...

Authors: Lin Yang, Jun Wei Zhang, Si Zhong Chen

Abstract: A hydro-pneumatic balanced suspension is proposed based on the structural features of general hydro-pneumatic suspension and balanced...

Authors: Chi Lan Cai, Wen Xia Wang, Jian Li

Abstract: Kevlar pulps were employed as reinforcement for polyetherimide(PEI)composite. All filled and unfilled polyetherimide composites were tested...

Authors: Jun Bao, Jian Li

Abstract: The effect of fiber surface modification on the fatigue strength of a glass fiber reinforced polyamide-6 has been investigated. Tension...

Authors: Jian Jun Yang, Lu Yan Ju, Bao Ye Liu

Abstract: To solve the multi-objective flexible job shop scheduling problem, an improved non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm is proposed....

Authors: Wei Chang, Shu Sheng Zhang, Shuai Tian, Meng Jia Huo

Abstract: Based on the establishment of a two-dimensional model, a numerical simulation was conducted in this paper to study the flow boiling and heat...

Authors: Jia Zi Shi, Chuan Zhong Chen, Xing Dang

Abstract: Shape memory alloys (SMAs) thin films have attracted much attention in recent years as intelligent and functional materials because of their...

Authors: Yun Chao Song, Chun Hai Wang, Zhi Ning

Abstract: A numerical computation and theoretical model are presented on spreading of a single droplet impacting on a solid surface at low Weber...


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