Mechanical, Materials and Manufacturing Engineering

Volumes 66-68

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Zhang, Yan Jue Gong, Shuo Zhang

Abstract: By designing the different formulations of the composites and adopting optimized technology including extrusion and molding, the effects of...

Authors: Bo Lin He, Ying Xia Yu, Qiu Ping Li, Jing Liu

Abstract: Porous ceramics composite was prepared with mixed powders (Al, TiO2 and B2O3) by SHS (Self-propagating...

Authors: Sui Chao, Ling Tao Wu, Jian Yun Chen

Abstract: This study introduces the transport situation and polices of the highway agency for the M25. Then the current implementation of the Managed...

Authors: Wei Ping Peng, Wei Cheng Zeng, Zhi Qiang Zhang, Re Xia

Abstract: As the key components of large-scale hydraulic radial gate, hinge system play an important role in supporting the gate and sustaining loads....

Authors: Xiao Nan Sui, Lian Zhou Jiang, Chen Wang, Yang Li

Abstract: The extrusion pretreatment was employed in the aqueous enzyme assisted extraction (EAEP) of oil process. The amount of amino acid was...

Authors: Jun Ying Wei, Pei Si Zhong, Chun Fen Guo

Abstract: The measuring of semantic similarity is the key technique in information retrieval. Based on the common semantic similarity algorithm...

Authors: Jin Feng Zhang, Lian Chun Long

Abstract: In order to predict the size and shape of the laser ablative hole, a 3D finite element model was developed to simulate the Nd:YAG laser...

Authors: Xin Hui Li, Tie Jun Yang, Jian Chao Dong, Ze Qi Lu

Abstract: The FXLMS algorithm is widely used in active vibration control system. The estimation of secondary path plays very important roles in such a...

Authors: Zi Xin Zhu, Dong Chen, Bin Shi Xu

Abstract: Cored wires and arc spraying technique were used to produce Zn-Al-Mg-RE alloy coatings on low carbon steel substrates. The effect of RE...

Authors: Bao Feng Zhang, Ai Yun Jiang, Zhi Li, Xiao Wei Chen

Abstract: The Mg-6Zn-6Al-0.5Mn-0.6Si-0.1Ca alloy has been produced in a steel crucible in an electric resistance furnace protectived by...


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