Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Quan Ma, Guang Jie Li, Shi Bo Li, Pei Hua Xu

Abstract: Take a typical cross-section of rockfill embankment slope in Yaan-Luku highway as the research object, reliability analysis is studied under...

Authors: Jian Ping Pan, Hong Wei Zhu, Sheng Yi Wang

Abstract: Large quantities of mined ore materials are processed annually to obtain the various types of minerals that are essential to industrial...

Authors: Bin Chen, Jiang Guang Liu

Abstract: A backfill clay method which is often adopted in small earth dam’ anti-seepage and reinforcement engineering has been introduced, and its...

Authors: Mei Li Meng, Li Wei Han, Hai Bin Gao

Abstract: Drilling bored piles foundation has been built in the dam and reservoir because of the highway bridge across the dam. Considering the bridge...

Authors: Wei Hou, Xue Feng Zhou, Xiang Chen

Abstract: An important issue our engineers and technicians met is that how to do safe identification and earthquake resistant strengthening of the...

Authors: Wen Juan Yao, Wu Yang, Xiao Yu Liu

Abstract: Taking Tianjin Yonghe bridge for example, the finite element method is adopted to simulate each stages of cable replacement process, the...

Authors: Ye Hua Fan, Xiong Fei Chen

Abstract: Aiming at the upgrading project of the structural health monitoring system of Jiangyin Bridge, the moving specialty parameters such as the...

Authors: Wen Xiong Huang, Li Ying Tan, Kang Jing Zhou

Abstract: Cracks on the Joint Part between Pier and Girder, namely Block NO.0 in the construction process, has become one of the major diseases of...

Authors: Jing Fei Yu, Li Wang

Abstract: This paper choices eleven evaluation index to establish fuzzy hierarchy evaluation index system of urban road intersection based on basic...

Authors: Zhi Long Chen, Cheng Zhang, Dong Jun Guo

Abstract: As the development of the economic of China and the acceleration of urbanization, metropolises have run out of land resources. Therefore,...


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