Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Wang, Peng Qi Wang, Dan Jun Tan, Jin Ping Zhao

Abstract: Asbestos is used as reinforcing fiber in nearly all the current external wall board manufacturing process, but it has harmful effects on the...

Authors: Yu Jie Lu, Shao Hua Jiang

Abstract: Infrastructure provides the key facilities to the nation’s economic prosperity, public safety and security, and social development. To...

Authors: Xian Hong Meng, Chan Fang Zhou, Jing Hai Zhou

Abstract: Polystyrene formwork of lattice concrete wall is a set of lightweight, insulation, sound insulation, fireproof, bearing multi-function in...

Authors: Li Yue, Hong Ru Cai, Shi Chun Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, the concept of system capacity is expounded from the perspective of the system theory. The selection of control index during...

Authors: Qiang Zhang, Jun Mao, Qiu Shuang Song, Shou Ju Li

Abstract: Domestic and foreign scholars have been studied rock characteristics , but the study results not nearly same with rock nonlinear...

Authors: Fei Dai

Abstract: The building of the dwelling house has been paid much attention after the reform and opening policy. In recent years, people are aware of...

Authors: Xiao Ning Li, Huan Long Wang

Abstract: Accumulation strength has poor ability in red bed slope and its self-stabilize is lower than normal slope. Red bed slope composed with...

Authors: Ji Jun Miao, Qiong Qiong Zhu, Yan Chun Liu, Bo Qi, Dian Wu Wang

Abstract: The cracks were pre-settled to the R.C. frame structure caused by earthquake which was defined as the damage index ω during the...

Authors: Ji Jun Miao, Long Fan, Yan Chun Liu, Bo Qi

Abstract: Three R.C. frame structure models were designed with named KJ1, KJ2 and KJ3. Elevated temperature experiments were carried out to KJ1 and...

Authors: Yuan Xing Hao, Feng Dai, Rong Shan Yang

Abstract: To figure out the structure and influencing factors of welded welded turnout slab convex block of ballastless track on bridge, according to...


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