Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chong Fu Wu, Shu Hong Liu, Ying Jie Chen

Abstract: In this paper, applying the principle of mixed variables solve the problems of forced vibration of the rectangular plate by uniform load ,...

Authors: Chong Fu Wu, Shu Hong Liu

Abstract: Based on the three-dimensional computation model, the actual project ,a high-rise building with podiums on the jointless raft foundation, is...

Authors: Xue Kai Liu, Dong Zhao, Hai Yang Liu

Abstract: To meet the vibration control needs working in varied vibration conditions, a new type of semi-active controllable friction was developed in...

Authors: Li Tao, Zhi Qing Zhao

Abstract: This paper comprehensively summarized the development of solar technology, across-the-aboard analyzed the application of solar technology in...

Authors: Qing Ping Jin, Xian Bao Wang, Xue Jun Li

Abstract: The arch bridges were used widely for the good performance under the pressure in China. It was very sensitive to some factors as temperature...

Authors: Xiu Zhen Li, Ji Ming Kong, Sheng Wei Li

Abstract: Volume and slope are two important factors affecting the runout distance of landslides. Field investigation on 46 landslides triggered by...

Authors: Jing Feng Zhao

Abstract: This article chooses the evaluation index from The Report of Sustainable Development Strategy of China and quantifies the environmental...

Authors: Jing Feng Zhao

Abstract: If China intends to develop the low-carbon economy and realize the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, it is essential to...

Authors: Ling Huang, Hong Wei Xiao, Jian Feng Xu

Abstract: Under the rapid development of urban modernization, old residential communities in big cities are facing the trends of disintegration of...

Authors: Hong Shao, Di Zhang, Ying Chun Song

Abstract: A new type of adsorbent which prepared with waste paper as raw material was applied in the treatment of dye wastewater, and studied the...


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