Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Wang, Guang Bin Li, Liang Jiang

Abstract: Based on Habermas’s theory of the life-world, this paper attempts to examine the recent government’s policies to construct rural markets and...

Authors: Yi Zhong Zhang, Chao Yan

Abstract: For the construction of a building was insulated and energy efficient effect, zhengzhou have evaluated the building, construction and the...

Authors: Yan Xu, Zhen Shun Liu, Wen Zhao, Xiao Yan Feng

Abstract: Taking Shenyang metro line 2 concentrated in digging deep foundation pit on Beiling station entrance arch bridge abutment in TaiShan road...

Authors: Sheng Cai Li, Hong Yan Zhou, Yong Qian

Abstract: There are problems of resource allocation and integrating technology with building when utilizing solar energy in a high-rise residential...

Authors: De Ping Ge

Abstract: With the rapid economic development in China, the number of residential building has increased rapidly. Thus the high energy consumption and...

Authors: Rui Hong Wang, Yu Zhou Jiang, Min Zhu, Yu Wang

Abstract: Based on the results of triaxial unloading tests,the stress-strain characteristics and failure characteristics of rock mass have been...

Authors: Li Ming Wu, Zi Jian Wang

Abstract: The building sets up reservoir slope, in order to avoid mass of excavation and fill geotechnical Engineering,according to the change of...

Authors: Chao Zhu, Cong Jiao Zhang, Cai Ping Wu, Yuan Fa Li

Abstract: In the drastic change rate movable-bed model test, it has been concerned about how to ensure similar discharge of the flood diversion gate....

Authors: Chao Zhu, Cong Jiao Zhang, Yan Fen Ren, Guo Ying Wu

Abstract: The Yellow River delta model selected Pseudochark as model sand, it is new-style model sand with steady physical chemistry performance and...

Authors: Jin Xing Lai, Chi Liu, Cheng Bing Gong

Abstract: The frequency of worldwide disastrous weather is intensified by the global climate warming. The disastrous weather such as freezing rain and...


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