Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Qian Wang, Wei Min Guo, Jing Luo

Abstract: Chinese traditional architecture construction has some ecological ideas in common with principles of Green Architecture. This article...

Authors: Yan Qi Cui, Saffa Riffat

Abstract: Buildings are large consumers of energy in all countries. In regions with harsh climatic conditions, a substantial share of energy goes to...

Authors: Wen Pei Sung, Tzai Tang Tsai, Hsien Jung Wang, Ming Der Chen

Abstract: The main objective of this on-site study is to use a full-scale HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air-Conditioning) system installed in an...

Authors: Ling Qi Zhu, Ying Zhang

Abstract: Geological conditions in Zhaogezhuang are complex, and seam angles change greatly. The seam angles achieve mechanization, which is a major...

Authors: Jing Yi Miao, Jie Long Guo, Ying Zong Liu

Abstract: Optimal allocation of coal resource is a major theme that can not be ignored to healthy development of Chinese coal industry. Based on the...

Authors: Guo Gang Jiang, Zhen Kong, Guo Xin Dong

Abstract: Under the circumstance of worsening international and domestic economy developing environment, Jiangsu must pay attention to and accelerate...

Authors: Xiang Wang, Dong Zhi Zhao, Jian Hong Yang, Ling Zhao

Abstract: Sea surface data products play an important role in applications of remote sensing. Using thermal images acquired by HJ-1B launched in...

Authors: Wen Long Yu, Min Xu

Abstract: By discussing the significance, carbon storage and development trend of wood protection, changes and influencing factors of carbon sink...

Authors: Guo Fu Tian, Ke Qiang Feng, Shu Hui Sun

Abstract: Aimed at the need of data processing and analysis in the performance experiment of hydraulic torque converter, we put forward a way of...

Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Ting Zhou Lei, Feng Yue, Xiao Feng He, Jin Ling Zhu

Abstract: Blend fuel of corn stalk and coal was made in a series of blend ratios with corn stalk mass percent ranging from 10 to 90%. Several data...


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