Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Bin Liang, Xue Hua Li, Wei Wang

Abstract: Based on the structure of TFT_LCD controller in S3C2440A, the hardware design of a special LCD display system is completed which is composed...

Authors: Xin Guan

Abstract: Because of special running condition, it is very difficult to maintain and detect wind turbines. In order to reduce waste of financial cost...

Authors: Xiao Ling Wu, Xiao Hua Xiang

Abstract: With types of power units, huge installed capacity and complicated operation modes, the Three Gorges Power Station (TGPS) is very important...

Authors: Zheng Ming Tong, Shu Jun Liang

Abstract: The real solution to the emissions of carbon dioxide and nitrogen and sulfur oxides is obvious: China needs to break its addiction to fossil...

Authors: Zhi Ping Yang, Wei Min Kan, Jing Hui Song, Jing Bian, Zhong Guang Fu

Abstract: The paper researches with a 1000MW thermal power generating unit. The impact of steam cylinder efficiency's changes on steam turbine’s heat...

Authors: Ting Zhang, Shu Rong Yu, Hui Xia Feng, Yi Wang

Abstract: Sulfur dioxide is one of the major pollutants resulting from fuel combustion. In this study, CaO and attapulgite were utilized as raw...

Authors: Jin Li Zhu, Liang Liang Jiang, Li Cheng Liu, Yu Qiu Lin

Abstract: Liaohe block J is a super heavy oil reservoir with relatively strong anisotropy and active edge-bottom water condition. After more than two...

Authors: Wei Min Kan, Zhi Ping Yang, Li Kun Zheng, Yue Hu, Zhong Guang Fu

Abstract: In this paper, a sub-critical 600 MW power generating unit produced by Shanghai Turbine Generator Corporation has been used for the...


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