Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yao Bin Liu, Xiao Wen Zhuang

Abstract: According to China's typical dual-economic structure characteristics, the paper develops a general equilibrium model of urban-rural sectors...

Authors: Yuan Hong Wang, Yun Yu, Rui Qun Liu, Wei Feng Liu

Abstract: Present study deals with the evaluation of biosorptive removal of nickel by Flavobacterium sp. Experiments have...

Authors: Ling Ma, Sheng Nan Liu, Xin Hua Ding, Wei Ma

Abstract: In this paper, the spatial distributions and seasonal dynamics of soil microbes and microbial biomass were investigated in a typical reed...

Authors: Wen Yuan Li, Cheng Lin Ming, Zhi Yong Kou

Abstract: The simulation for the situation of inverted T composite slab of precast fabricated construction is done, to analyze the stress distribution...

Authors: Yan Qun Liu, Xiong Bing Lu

Abstract: Environmental estrogen could mimic natural estrogens thereby disrupting the endocrine systems of human and animals. The actions of such...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Li Chun Jiang, Feng Ri Li, Yao Xiang Li

Abstract: In this study, the sample data was based on 2190 branch length samples of 30 trees from dahurian larch (Larix gmelinii Rupr.)...

Authors: Yin Hai Lang, Fang Fang Cheng, Nan Nan Wang

Abstract: Oil pollution is considered as one of the pollutants that are harmful to the marine environment. An approach based on both analytic...

Authors: Yan Fei Liang, Wei Ming Tan, Qing Dan Yuan

Abstract: Structure of dusty feeder on the principle of negative pressure was discusses. From the practical design of a pneumatic transportation...

Authors: Hsuan Jui Chen, Che Ming Chiang, Chi Chang Chan, Chao Yang Huang

Abstract: The operation of BIPV case study aimed to the environmental effects of the architectural design on landscape, which estimated the usability...

Authors: Yu Min Shi

Abstract: SCRUBBER substitution in on-line H2S analyzer was prepared as modified treatment molecular sieve in the media of some buffer...


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