Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gang Li, Yan Sheng Li, Ying Wang, Hong Gao

Abstract: Nano-ZnO, nano-TiO2 and their mixed catalyst respectively degrade methyl orange solution with concentration 10mg/L in sunlight....

Authors: Kun Shi, Ming Zou

Abstract: The microcosm tests were done to estimated the HRT (Hydraulic Retention Time) and removal efficiency of reflowing treatment of the landfill...

Authors: Shui Jiao Yang, Ai Hua Gao, Feng Qiu Wang

Abstract: In this study, results of degradation of fuchsine solution are presented by using direct current (DC) atmospheric pressure air discharge...

Authors: Lin Zhu, You Peng Xu, Qin Fang Sun

Abstract: Substance flow analysis (SFA) is a kind of quantitative analysis on the metabolism of industrial process. This paper analyzed the metabolism...

Authors: Dang Yu Song, Cun Bei Yang

Abstract: A total of 28 atmospheric particulate matter samples were collected at Henan Polytechnic University in the southeast of Jiaozuo city during...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Shi Gang Ding, Shi Ling Ding, Li Na Zhang, Yin Xin Zhang, Wen Qiang Jiang

Abstract: There are many hard degraded materials in the papermaking wastewater such as lignin and cellulose[1]. Because of its deeper color and high...

Authors: Ian Hung, Hsien Te Lin, Jung Hua Chou, Yuan Liang Cheng

Abstract: This study introduces a new method for assessing the outdoor ventilation environment in Taiwan, with a view to reducing the heat island...

Authors: Yu Qin Shao, Zi Long Zhao, Miao Miao Hou, Hui Min, Zhong Ling Liu, Ji Zhao

Abstract: This research investigated the distributive characteristics of soil microorganisms at dry lake wetland on semiarid grassland. Four plots,...

Authors: Xiang Ji, Zhi Hui Zhang, Lu Cai

Abstract: The growth condition of Chlorella spp was optimized to increase its biomass. Under the aseptic culture condition, major nutritional factors...

Authors: De Wen Li, Yi Shi, Xing Yuan He, Guang Yu Chi

Abstract: In this study, seasonal biogenic volatile organic compound (BVOC) emission rates and emission patterns of Ginkgo biloba linn are...


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