Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Hua Cheng, Ai Hua He, Xue Jun Bi, Qi Wang

Abstract: Due to increasing water scarcity, reclamation and reuse of the secondary effluent of wastewater treatment plant are widely concerned in many...

Authors: Jiang Jun Hu, Jing Liu, Ying Zheng, Chao Ping Cen, Fu Xing Gan

Abstract: The removal of NOx in simulated flue gas was studied using urea/ potassium permanganate solution with different concentrations as...

Authors: Jiang Jun Hu, Qian Ma, Ling Ouyang, Xi Chen, Fu Xing Gan

Abstract: The selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide by ethylene was studied over Cu/ZSM-5 catalyst in the temperature range of 200-550°C, in...

Authors: Bao Gao, Ze Qiang Fu, Jing Zhi, Peng Shen

Abstract: Energy and Coal Chemical Industry Base (ECCIB) is an important impetus of the development of regional economy, and it is also the guarantee...

Authors: Shun Sheng Wang, Song Lin Wang, Chuan Chang Gao

Abstract: The paper studies the effects of the growth about summer maize on different ways of furrow irrigation and Processing of water. The results...

Authors: Hui Juan Feng, Hong Luo

Abstract: According to requirements of the natural and economic laws, the environmental management of watershed distinction is inevitable for...

Authors: Li Xin Li, Xiu Min Yang, Ang Li, Tuan Zhang, Yan Liu

Abstract: The characters of photosynthetic bacteria and its action mechanism were simply described, And the research of using photosynthetic bacteria...

Authors: Hui Xia Xiong, Chang Yong Wang

Abstract: The dynamic property of a high-rise building structure and time-history analysis under earthquake were analyzed by using the finite element...

Authors: Kai Zhang, Qing Zhi Fei, Ya Min Li

Abstract: Pentachlorophenol (PCP), metallic oxide and ball-grinder medium steel beads are ground together in a ball-grinder under room temperature and...

Authors: Hai Yan Guo, Teng Teng Feng, Zhi Gang Liu, Zhen Guo

Abstract: Laboratory scale experiments were conducted to study the performance and characteristics of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) removal of a...


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