Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Feng Li, Yan Ting Huang, Tan Ting Lin, Qian Yu, Lin Yu, Lun Fu Wu

Abstract: The palladium-based catalyst of 0.36wt%Pd/cordierite honeycomb ceramics (CHC) without alumina interlayer film was prepared via a new...

Authors: Na Nie, Hui Wang, Jian Xin Xiong

Abstract: Put forward the understanding of ecological security of tourism should be closely integrated regional objects,Establish the concept of...

Authors: De Hua Mao, Zhi Long Li, Xin Guang He, Zheng Zui Li, Dong Run Liu, Ka Bo Liu

Abstract: Comprehensive risk analysis mode including overtopping risk, slide instability risk and seepage risk has been established. Chaishanhu...

Authors: Bing Yun Shen, Hui Pan, Jing Hou, Xiao Yu Guo, Xiang Dong Fan

Abstract: This article aims at exploring the influence of different water quality system to the scaling corrosion, which based on the mixed of...

Authors: Sheng Xian Wei, Shi Mei Guo, Xi Jia He

Abstract: Fanger’s PMV is the most famous thermal sensation index but it is too complex to be applied in practice. Besides, the PMV index does not...

Authors: Sheng Xian Wei, Chang Tao, Hui Min Yang

Abstract: In order to improve electric efficiency of solar cell arrays and obtain available heat energy, the solar trough concentration...

Authors: Xiu Hua Zhu, Song Tao Qin, Qian Xu, Yu Wen Ni, Ji Ping Chen, Xue Ping Zhang, Wei Wang, Jun Mu

Abstract: Ambient air of Dalian was sampled with active high-volume air samplers in early spring time. The concentrations and the congeners between...

Authors: Xin Ye, Quan Yuan, Hua Cong, Hai Bo Ma, Dong Liang Wei

Abstract: This paper constructs three types of bioprosthetic valve leaflets’ parametric model via computer aided design, a series of accurate...

Authors: Wen Song Chen, Hua Shi Lin, Shuo Feng Zhang

Abstract: Treatment of printing and dyeing wastewater by the device of high gradient magnetic separation (HGMS) developed by author was tested. The...

Authors: Chun Yu Yang, Hui Ming Li

Abstract: In 2007, the political report of 17th conference of national delegate of Chinese Communist Party put forward that ecological civilization...


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