Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Bo Li, Li Na Du, Ying Hua Li, Lei Huang

Abstract: Wastewater composition and characteristic in a northern university of China were analyzed according to the sampling and analysis of sewage...

Authors: Ya Hong Jia, Lin Peng, Ling Mu

Abstract: Samples of road dust were collected in Changzhi, Taiyuan and Jincheng in Shanxi Province, the characteristics of the chemical composition of...

Authors: Yong Bing Huang, Li Li Wang, Shu Xin Tu, Xiu Ying Liu, Xiao Juan Li, Ye Li

Abstract: This paper dealt with the influence of various factors on As(Ⅲ) and As(Ⅴ) removal using ferruginous manganese ore, including environmental...

Authors: Juan Peng, En Ci, Zhuo Wang Fu, Ming Gao, De Ti Xie

Abstract: Effects of different tillage systems on organic carbon and carbon management index (CMI) in paddy soil of long-term experiment site (since...

Authors: Bing Yan

Abstract: Green roofs are a passive cooling technique that stop incoming solar radiation from reaching the building structure below. Many studies have...

Authors: Jing Zou, Jun Tao Zhu, Chao Pan, Jun Ma

Abstract: In this research, the dissolved air flotation (DAF) were tried to treat drinking water to replace traditional sedimentation technology....

Authors: Qi Pan, Feng Wang, Hai Zhen Yang

Abstract: In this study, cost-benefit analyses based on life cycle assessment is applied to optimize the recycling of processing water for...

Authors: Yi Chun Kuo, Che Ming Chiang, Kuei Feng Chang

Abstract: The global environment is deteriorating gradually after the middle of the twenty century, the global aims at sustainable developments and...

Authors: Zhan Ping Song, Song Bo Ren, Cheng Fang Yuan

Abstract: Bridge engineering concrete’s Freeze-thaw damage is the main durability diseases which take place in the service process of north China....

Authors: Shu Ai Jiang, An Nan Jiang

Abstract: The study discusses the simulation analysis based on the modflow software. Generalize body site, zone and boundary conditions of simulation,...


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