Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Rong Tang, Dao Lin Gao, Ya Fei Guo, Shi Qiang Wang, Tian Long Deng

Abstract: Inorganic salt hydrates as a new type of clean and renewable energy storage materials are widely used in a variety of fields due to their...

Authors: Xue Lu Li, Lei Zhang, Shi Qiang Wang, Ya Fei Guo, Tian Long Deng

Abstract: The applications of inorganic phase change materials (PCMs) in building energy saving have been investigated within the past decades. In...

Authors: Xun Zheng, Jin Gen Deng, Hai Yan Zhu, Shu Jie Liu, Wen Long Zhao, Mi Hua Zhang

Abstract: Though statistically analyzing ten typical wells of kelly cock valve failure in certain oilfields, the main failure modes of the kelly cock...

Authors: Lv Yin Zhang, Xiao Ping Yu, Ya Fei Guo, Tian Long Deng

Abstract: Selenium species analysis based on chromatography hyphenated techniques including reversed-phase, ion-exchange, size exclusion, affinity...

Authors: Peng Zeng, Sha Sha Yang, Chao Lian

Abstract: The study of urban competitive power of the urban agglomeration on the west side of Taiwan Straits has both theoretical and practical...

Authors: Wei Su, Nan Ping Dong, Man Ru Gao

Abstract: On the basis of an integration project of intelligent building system completed by the author recently , and through analysis of the concept...

Authors: Tzai Tang Tsai, Yu Kuang Zhao, Wen Pei Sung, Hsien Jung Wang

Abstract: This study focused on the investigation of the effectiveness of nano-plasma negative air ionization (NPNAI) and photocatalytic oxidation...

Authors: Wen Sheng Ou, Pong Kuang Tseng, Po Yen Kuo, Yu Chan Chao

Abstract: Past assessments of the carbon dioxide emissions attributable to buildings in Taiwan generally employed conversion formulas based on the...

Authors: Xia Zhao, Yang Li Zhao, Zhong Lin Chen, He Ming Luo, Hui Xia Feng, Feng Jiang

Abstract: In this paper, flocculation process was applied to the treatment of potato starch wastewater. The Influence of flocculent types, dosage of...

Authors: Ju Bao Qu, Sheng Liu, Shu Juan Wang

Abstract: The goal of continuous tracking between different video problem, a change of scene with Intelligent Agent between the goal of achieving the...


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