Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jie Tan, Xian Gui Wang, Meng Lin Wang

Abstract: This paper tries to research on the parametric design technology of Qing-Dynasty architecture in China. It contacts the character of...

Authors: Xing Wang, Fan Wang

Abstract: Joint’s stiffness has important influence on stability bearing capacity of large-span spatial reticulated shell. The welded hollow spherical...

Authors: Xing Wang

Abstract: This paper carries out stability analysis on plate-cone reticulated shell considering geometrical nonlinearity of cooperating work between...

Authors: Yan Liu, Chen Gang She, Xiao Jin Zou

Abstract: Sixteen full-size single-storey shear walls 6.0 m in length and 2.44 m in height were tested: half with a flexible and half with a rigid...

Authors: Peng Ying Yi

Abstract: For study the influence caused by geobelt and the mechanism of the strength increment in the reinforced foundation, the author analyzed...

Authors: Dong Wei Li, Ju Hong Fan, Ren He Wang

Abstract: With the increasing in freezing shaft sinking depth of the mine,Mine permanent derrick was located into the frozen wall. The internal force...

Authors: Jie Li, Wan Xiang Chen, Zhi Wen Song, Liang Yu

Abstract: Basing on the LS-DYNA9703D’s user’s material coding platform, the user-subroutine is coded, and simulates the dynamic behaviors of the...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Min Jie Zhu, Li Wei Zhang

Abstract: This paper studies the technical application of the disposal for FA(fly ash) weak foundation of these abandoned fly ash pool by the...

Authors: Shi Lin Qu, Han Qing Luo

Abstract: Taking thermal parameters such as evaporating temperature, condensing temperature, superheating temperature and sub-cooled temperature as...

Authors: Da Lin Hu, Long Gang Chen, Feng Chen

Abstract: Stone masonry with micro-aggregate concrete joints has been widely used in long span arch bridges in China. However, the mechanical...


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