Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Dong Li

Abstract: According to the conditions of the research in both civil and aboard, and thinking of the northeast region's climate characteristics, we...

Authors: Xiao Liu, Min Li

Abstract: In order to study the bearing capacity and section stress-strain distribute on the steel tube filled with steel-reinforced concrete (STSRC)...

Authors: Du Yao, Zhi Yong Chang, Jie Zhao, Yang Liu Dou

Abstract: This paper analyzes the current status and inadequate of three-dimensional parametric design, and introduces the conceptions and principles...

Authors: Li Jin Ma, Hong Juan Zou, Jia Shun Zhu

Abstract: According to the micro-climate environment outdoor of the region, wind environment outdoor which is under planning programming can be done...

Authors: Ji Chao Zhang, Lei Ji

Abstract: It is the first time to adopt shock-isolation technology in giant steel frame structure in Guangdong Science Center E area, by using remote...

Authors: Noureddine Elguemri, Ying Fang Fan

Abstract: Porous concrete is commonly used by ecologically sound construction companies, since it helps to manage water runoff in sustainable way....

Authors: Lei Zhang, Qing Lin Meng, Jin Li

Abstract: As stadiums have high energy consumption in architectural lighting and air conditioning, how to make full use of natural lighting and...

Authors: Mi Mi Tian

Abstract: The design of kitchen and bath for small and middle-sized apartments requires details since it is conducted within a small space. Kitchen...

Authors: Guan Chyun Shiah

Abstract: This study developed municipal green roof promotion strategies by reviewing successful green roof initiatives of the international...

Authors: Wen Pei Sung, Ming Hsiang Shih, Feng Jen Tsai

Abstract: Recently, some serious earthquakes happened in the world and seriously threaten the safety of the life and property of the people....


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