Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ying Jie Zhang, Gui Hong Jia

Abstract: In AutoCAD2008 development platform, taking MFC and ARX as development, integrating MFC ODBC to develop database, combining with parametric...

Authors: Bi Qing Shi, Shuai Liu, Zhuang Ning Xie

Abstract: A study of approach wind flow simulation of the low-rise building was performed in a boundary layer wind tunnel at Shantou University. Three...

Authors: Bi Qing Shi, Zhuang Ning Xie, Zhen Hua Ni

Abstract: A study of approach aerodynamic shape optimization of a high-rise building, Shenzhen Kingkey financial tower, was performed in a boundary...

Authors: Jun Li, Jian Zhou

Abstract: Large-diameter cast-in-situ tubular pile (shorted as LTP) is a new, efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection pile and has been...

Authors: Lai Wang Jing, Li Ping Ye, Peng Wei Hao, Ke Xiu Zhao

Abstract: The paper is intent to open out the mechanism and effective distance of secondary anchoring in coal mine rock laneway support. Though the...

Authors: Yun Rong Luo, Yi Guo, Qing Yuan Wang, Yong Jie Liu

Abstract: The low cycle fatigue (LCF) behavior of high-strength structural steel under biased strain control has been investigated. Seven strain...

Authors: Xing Hua Wang, Peng Tu

Abstract: It is hard to control the high pressure water in mountain tunnel construction. Distribution of seepage field, stress field and displacement...

Authors: Chang Bing Chen, Xing Pei Liang, Shou Yi Bi

Abstract: In this paper strength and wall stress of a steel silo were calculated in designing by using 3-D finite element method. According to the...

Authors: Yu Xiang Zhao, Sheng Yue Hao

Abstract: With the sustainable development of China's economy, the engineering consulting industry plays an important role in various types of...

Authors: Xiang Chen, Xue Feng Zhou, Yong Zhang

Abstract: To address inadequacy of association rules interestingness measure method currently, we present a novel method to measure interestingness...


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