Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Yan, Yan Cong Shi, Zeng Qiang Ma

Abstract: The technology of vehicle tracking is a very critical and fundamental part in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). After the...

Authors: Wu Yang, Wen Juan Yao, Xiao Yu Liu

Abstract: In order to research on the stress change and influencing factor of whole construction process of simply supported to Continuous system...

Authors: Yi Hua Qian, Hong Hong Hu, Zhi Li

Abstract: Based on electrical and chemical analysis in oils of some fault transformers in Shenzhen, it indicates that the corrosive sulfur contained...

Authors: Yu Cao

Abstract: Panoramagram is the important research field based on image rendering technology in recent years. It is a new exploratory subject of...

Authors: Hua De Huang

Abstract: The paper briefly sums up the digital video panorama stitching steps, core issues and common registration algorithm on the base research of...

Authors: Xing Yi Liu

Abstract: Learning field curriculum program is a curriculum model in which thematic unit are designed and organized according to the process of...

Authors: Qing Li Meng, Min Zheng Zhang, Jian Ye

Abstract: In this paper, a new fuzzy control arithmetic based on mode identification used in semi-active control is put forward, the mode is...

Authors: Zhong Wu, Meng Jia

Abstract: Seen from the latest local war, the air-lined radar opposition has become a key instrument through out the war. It effects on the process...

Authors: Jiu He Wang, Hong Ren Yin

Abstract: Based on the model of three phase boost type PWM rectifier in synchronous dq coordinates, a simple control law, which transforms the...

Authors: Xiang Chen, Xue Feng Zhou

Abstract: Seeing that there are a lot of uncertain and fuzzy factors in the deformation control system of excavation, in this paper, the author...


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