Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Hsiang Shih, Wen Pei Sung, Feng Jen Tsai

Abstract: Strong typhoon and earthquake seriously threaten the safety of the life and property of the people. A cost-effective and reliable method is...

Authors: Peng Yao, Yan Bo Wang, Gai Rong Chen, Qiong Li

Abstract: By studying the definition of DHT (distinguished hyperbolic trajectory) and existing measure function in phase space, a measure function in...

Authors: Yin Xu, Qing Xu

Abstract: It is important to search the position of the dangerous sliding surface and to design the reinforcement measures in the study of the slope...

Authors: Zhi Rong Niu, Hou Ren Xiong, Zong Min Yu, Yi Xiang, Yi Ying Luo

Abstract: The external foam glass thermal insulating system on walls has become a new thermal insulation wall system in china's building wall, It is...

Authors: Peng Zhang, Kerry London

Abstract: As a resource-intensive industry, the policy, processes and practices in relation to sustainable development of the construction industry is...

Authors: Tie Shan Ni

Abstract: The stability of ballast is the key to guarantee the traffic safety. This paper is on the back -ground of ballast settlement monitoring of a...

Authors: Feng Qin, Zhuang Bin He, Qiong Nian Huang, Lin Qi Su

Abstract: In order to inquiry the effect of manganese slag powder on the asphalt mixture pavement performance, With the asphalt mixture specimens...

Authors: Jie Gao, Mei Xiang Wu, Chen Qiang Yin

Abstract: According to the reliability theories and the characteristics of transportation networks, the layout adaptability is defined as the coupling...

Authors: Ling Zhou, Hua Cheng, Zhong Gang Wang, Jun Long Zhou

Abstract: In this paper, the flexibility method of damage identification for transmission tower based on Wigner-Ville Distribution (WVD) signal...

Authors: Na Dong, Jing Zhang, Min Jiu Yu

Abstract: A competitive contractor is the guarantee of project’s success, so how to choose a suitable contractor is critical for the owners. However,...


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