Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qiang Zhang, Wen Jing Jiang, Fang Wei Liao

Abstract: In the presented work, the comprehensive evaluation index system of the repair and reinforcement technology carried on mortar perfusion...

Authors: Yong Guang Chen, Qing Juan Wang, Li Yong Yan, Wei Ming Cai

Abstract: The accidents such as explosion, leakage, poisoning and fire happened constantly in dangerous goods' transportation. The consequences of the...

Authors: Sheng Yi Xiong, Hong Yan Zhang, Li Hui Jiao, Yao Zhang

Abstract: In order to research the harm of particle matter to human health, the TSI dust instrument, particle counter and miniature meteorological...

Authors: Wei Gao

Abstract: Generally, there are two types of critical failure surface of slope, which are circular surface and non-circular surface. To circular slip...

Authors: Yu Zhou Jiang, Rui Hong Wang, Jie Bing Zhu

Abstract: Rheological experiments were carried out for sandstone and marble specimens from left bank high slope of Jingping First Stage Hydropower...

Authors: Jia Feng Sun, Ning Yang, Juan Li, Jing Qiao, Jian Gang Qiao

Abstract: As an important part of expressway, interchange has space multi-layer structure form and function of stereoscopic transportation steering,...

Authors: Xiao Qiu Ma

Abstract: To ensure the construction quality of EPS external wall thermal insulation system , need to controll raw materials, construction conditions,...

Authors: Shao Hua Jiang, Jiao Deng

Abstract: Selecting the correct equipment is a multifaceted cost and benefit evaluation process due to the complexity of today’s construction projects...

Authors: Yao Ming Hong, Hong Ting Lyu, Hsueh Chun Lin, Yao Chiang Kan

Abstract: This study is to forecast the impact force and impact position of free over-fall flow in the downstream by using artificial neuron networks...

Authors: Yao Ming Hong, Hsueh Chun Lin, Yao Chiang Kan

Abstract: This study composed the well-known criteria to design the grain size distribution of backfilling filter for groundwater monitoring well...


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