Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mahmudur Rahman Fatmi, Bushra Islam, Md.Mustafizur Rahman, Annesha Das Hasi, Munaz Ahmed Noor

Abstract: Aggregate is one of the most important and strength determining ingredients of concrete as it serves as reinforcement and occupies three...

Authors: Xue Feng Zhou, Xiang Chen

Abstract: Concept design is the heart and soul of structural design. Combining with applications of PKPM series computer construction structural CAD...

Authors: Song Yang, Long Tan Shao, Bo Ya Zhao, Xiao Liu, Gang Lin

Abstract: Digital image correlation method is an important optical technique for surface displacement and strain measurement. An approach based on...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Yi Na Zhang, Sheng Zhao Cheng

Abstract: Non-destructive testing and safety monitoring of structure has been a hot and difficult engineering research problems, and an effective...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Yan Qing Song, Sheng Zhao Cheng

Abstract: Damage diagnosis and safety monitoring of large hydraulic structures are becoming one of the hot and difficult research subjects in the...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Yi Na Zhang, Shu Fang Yuan

Abstract: Elastic cushion layer between the steel spiral case and surrounding concrete is often used as a structural type in large-scale hydropower...

Authors: Qing Bo Meng, Gui Xiang Zhang

Abstract: Based on the coordinate transformation, the paper analyzes and constructs the mathematical model for electromagnetic torque online measuring...

Authors: Hong Bo Zou, Hui Hui Feng, Xiao Dong Zhao

Abstract: The problem of output feedback for the unstable discrete-time linear systems with input amplitude constraints is studied. Based on the...

Authors: Ru Wang, San Yuan Tang, Wei Xin Sun

Abstract: According that town plan is mainly drawn with software AutoCAD, this article realizes to automatically select a shortest transport route on...

Authors: Zhe Wang, Ju Hao Hu, Li Li Yan

Abstract: A good deal of high water content sludge which is produced in engineering construction, with high water content, low strength, high...


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