Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Chao Liu, Chun Guang Wang, Yong Qiong Liu, Bo Yuan

Abstract: To study load carrying capacity for Lap Region between the Skirt and Composite Case(LRSC) of the solid rocket motor(SRM),made...

Authors: Xiao Yan Zhang, Xin Xin Ding, Shun Bo Zhao, Zhan Fang Ge

Abstract: Experiments were conducted to study the effects of source rock state and stone powder on freeze-thaw resistance of concrete with...

Authors: Xiao Yan Zhang, Qiu Yan Sun, Feng Lan Li

Abstract: Based on a series tests, the properties of proto-machine-made sand of gravel such as grain feature, fineness modulus, grading, density, void...

Authors: Hong Tao Wang

Abstract: The urban value is the sum total of the entire human labor which is formed by the accumulating investment as well as the construction...

Authors: Kuo Tsang Huang, Wen Sheng Ou

Abstract: The energy generation efficiency of Building Intergraded Photovoltaic Systems (BIPV) system relies much on the panel’s surface solar...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Wen Bin Yao, Xiao Feng Xv

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of picking carya cathayensis, the paper studies picking methods of the fruit and picking characteristics of...

Authors: Wei Zhang, Wen Bin Yao

Abstract: To improve the picking efficiency and processing quality of carya cathayensis, this paper analyzes the present problems in harvesting and...

Authors: Yao Ping Zhang, Jian Yue Yu, Yong Zhao, Ben Lin Liu

Abstract: Based on some special merits such as self-stability, energy-consuming-efficiency, less pollution, high reliability, and so on, high...

Authors: Ya Li Wang

Abstract: Double L-stiffened plate or haunch is used to strengthen the connection to meet the requirement of the code for seismic design of buildings:...

Authors: Zhi Quan Yang, Ke Peng Hou, Ting Ting Guo

Abstract: The thesis presents an research on the time-varying behavior of cement grouts with different water-cement ratio of...


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