Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Chen, Wan Zhou

Abstract: Although modern bridge are carefully designed and well constructed, damage may occur in them due to unexpected causes. Currently, many...

Authors: Jun Feng Guan, Li Min Zhao, Shun Bo Zhao

Abstract: In order to convenient application in optimum design of large and complex structures, theoretical formula of nominal tensile stress of...

Authors: Zhang Li Lan, Hong Zhang, Yi Zhou, Li Na Xiang, Jing Wang

Abstract: This paper presents an inclinometer-based deflection curve reproduction system which can reconstruct the deflected shapes of bridges...

Authors: Min Zhao Chuai, Bai Dong Zhao

Abstract: As we all know, buildings always have a certain post–settlement after using many years. Differential settlement often led to the building...

Authors: Min Zhao Chuai, Bai Dong Zhao

Abstract: This paper analyzes the mechanism of earth-rock dam Seepage, discusses the Strengthening technology, and it proposes several proposals on...

Authors: Ji Gang Zhang, Yan Mei Liu, Yuan Feng Gao, Jian Han

Abstract: Pall-typed dampers(PFD) have good energy dissipation, and shape memory alloy(SMA) brace has good super-elastic performance, so the PFD-SMA...

Authors: Jin Yang Zhang

Abstract: There are mainly three phenomena, i.e. cracks, infiltration and denuding for judging the aging and defects from hydraulic concrete...

Authors: Ju Gang Luo

Abstract: The cause detection and analysis have been made over the surface cracks of external thermal insulating rendering systems made of mortar with...

Authors: Xiang Xin Cheng, Jun Jie Guo, Yang Li, Shuo Wu

Abstract: It is well known that Somali pirates frequently hijack ships, which has great negative impact on the global shipping industry. To crack down...

Authors: Lei Sun, Xian Wu Hao

Abstract: The bridge health monitoring system can collect large amounts of data, but it lacks the trend analysis of monitoring data. This article...


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