Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Bo Jiang, Tao Hu, Shun Cai Li, Jiang Li

Abstract: The dump is the important part in the open colliery. Slope should bring the huge loss without effective forecast during the work. Many...

Authors: Min Chen, Jian Guo Chen, Xin Xin Cheng

Abstract: The promotion of green building has significant contribution to the implementation of sustainable development principles. And with the...

Authors: Min Chen, Jian Guo Chen, Xin Xin Cheng

Abstract: Tender offer is very important to the construction enterprises in the bidding process. So how to identify the individual cost objectively...

Authors: Ling Wang, Jian Zhang

Abstract: Simulate the heat and mass transfer in 2D cases using fluent software and analyse the results of simulation. Summarize the reasons of...

Authors: Zhi Qiang Wang, Li Xin Zhang, Hai Bin Guo

Abstract: Based on the simplified analytic model of asymmetric mining rock beam-pillar system, the catastrophe model of dynamic failure of the rock...

Authors: Sheng Da Liu, Yu Ren Yang

Abstract: Through an example from an architectural practice, the thesis argued that both the time and regionality should be taken into consideration...

Authors: Zhi Hong Nie

Abstract: The principles of the continuous test methods for compaction degree is introduced based on subgrade engineering cases. The compaction...

Authors: Chen Wang, Chuan Ni Zhan

Abstract: Gravel content is an important factor affecting the mechanical properties of clay-gravel mixtures. To study the effects of gravel content on...

Authors: Yi Feng Wen

Abstract: According to strategic aim of great development in national culture and aspiration of constructing cultural city in planning...

Authors: Yi Feng Wen

Abstract: The subject of this paper is fundamental conception and theory of nature. This paper tries to throw new light on the themes of natural...


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