Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xue Yan Li, S. S Law, Li Xin Wang

Abstract: A new matrix on the covariance of covariance is formed from the auto/cross-correlation function of acceleration responses of a structure...

Authors: Jing Xin Zhao, Shun Yao Zhang, Bo Han, Zhen Fang Guo

Abstract: The present paper probes the planning concept of buildings for special education, explores humanized design ideas of special education under...

Authors: Jie Xu, G. Lacidogna

Abstract: Seismic frequency-magnitude relationship has been investigated in China, based on the earthquake data in the range of M3.0 to...

Authors: Jie Xu, G. Lacidogna

Abstract: In this paper, the applicability of the source localisation method in Acoustic Emission (AE) technique to determine the crack locations in...

Authors: Yong Suo Li, Ke Neng Zhang

Abstract: The tunnel excavation is often existed in civil engineering, in which the minimum roof thickness of tunnel is an important index in tunnel...

Authors: Cheng Li, Wen Yi Zhang

Abstract: This paper analyzes the factors which impact the orientation of urban such as geographical location, natural resources, international...

Authors: Jian Zhang, Hua Yan, Shu Lian Chen, Xue Mei Wang, Zi Di Gu

Abstract: Phase-change thermal storage insulation mortar was prepared by using low melting point paraffin as phase change material (PCM), added with...

Authors: Jian Jun Zhou, Lei Chen, Zhan Ling Fu, Ke Ke Xie

Abstract: Surface coal mining and underground coal mining over a hundred years had caused a series of geological hazards in Fushun city. Basing on...

Authors: Xiao Fang Fu

Abstract: Since reform and opening-up, the process of urbanization of the country has been obviously accelerated in China. But the past urbanization...

Authors: Fan Mao Meng, Zhi Chao Liu, Zhi Zhong Liu

Abstract: The water mist is an economical and environmental agent for gas explosion suppression. It can be applied in the commonly gas concentration...


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