Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Feng Deng, Yu Wang, Min Zhu, Zhuang Cheng, Xiao Liang Xu

Abstract: Cao river aqueduct was the largest aqueduct in Asia for its span,the actual stress state of aqueduct structures, and whether the effect of...

Authors: Bin Li, Li Lei Wang, Cheng Wei Qi

Abstract: This paper has answered several questions on the multi-lateral horizontal well productivity formulas. Firstly, the fact that the potential...

Authors: Chun Bi Xu, Jing Cheng Liu, Jun Li

Abstract: The accurate prediction of gas well productivity is an important task in gas reservoir engineering research. According to the global...

Authors: Zong Deng Zhang

Abstract: In view of the wood of pine, analysis of the basic principles of pine furniture design as well as the connection patterns, furniture...

Authors: Yan Yuan, Yan Kui Li, Qiao Hui Tong

Abstract: Due to the industrial transfer in globalization and information, a new economic form—the headquarter economy gradually formed and became one...

Authors: Qi Nie, Juan Li

Abstract: Based on Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine survey and found that the current development of TCM University in Jiangxi...

Authors: Wei Deng Solvang, Chao Ying Zhang

Abstract: The project of the office building of the People’s Government of Chagan Hada was initiated by the Norwegian government for helping with...

Authors: Xiao Hui Li, Jin Rui Zhang, Ran Ran Zhao, Wei Zheng

Abstract: The carbonation resistance of ready-mixed concrete in Qinhuangdao was investigated and the predicted experimental data indicated that the...

Authors: Zhang Ming Li, Feng Wu

Abstract: The machnical response of the thin rock (and/or soil) pillar of a twin tunnel with super-large-span and small-spacing is described upon a...

Authors: Chun Liu Li, Cheng Xing Zhang, Zhi Li Hu

Abstract: On the basis of old methods of how to resolve the diameter of air bubbles in stationary water, the author uses numerical value certificated...


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