Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Chang Qing Fang, Min Zhang, Jing Bo Hu, Ying Zhang, Rui En Yu

Abstract: Asphalt aging is inevitable to the asphalt pavement performance, which will lead asphalt to hardening gradually and becoming brittle....

Authors: Xiao Xiong Zha, Jun Kai Lu

Abstract: Due to the rough surface of the recycled concrete aggregates, low modulus of elasticity and large porosity, these properties led to that the...

Authors: Xiao Xiong Zha, Jian Wei Zhong

Abstract: With the rapid development of urban construction, the waste that construction brings is also increasing. The recycled concrete technology...

Authors: Qi Min Wang, Teng Fei Zhang, Se Hun Kwon, Kwang Ho Kim

Abstract: Due to its ability of photocatalysis and photoinduced superhydrophilicity, TiO2 was paid significant attentions in recent years....

Authors: Xu Dong Luo, Dian Li Qu, Guo Dong Zhang, Hai Xiao Liu

Abstract: Mg-Al spinel has been synthesized by using alkali corrosion slag from aluminum profile factory, decomposed magnesite and used MgO-C brick as...

Authors: Guang Jun Liu, Hong Mei Zhu

Abstract: In this paper, the research on the catalyst sulfur poisoning in recent years were reviewed, including the reason and mechanism of sulfur...

Authors: Jie Liu, Shi Wei Luo, Liang Peng Wan, Min Zhu

Abstract: According to the research of geology condition in Ge-he-yan's back rock mass slope,set up the homologous engineering geology model, carried...

Authors: Bin Chen, Ge Liu, Xian Ming Zhang, Lang Huang

Abstract: Characteristics of vibration molten metal droplets are decisive importance to performance of high velocity arc sprayed coating, it is hardly...

Authors: Shu Lan Yu, Liu Chen

Abstract: The rationality of spatial environment design and operational parts’ layout design in ATC (All Terrain Crane) cab needs to provide a...

Authors: Le Zhou, Hong Tao Liu

Abstract: To study further mechanical behavior of flexural members of carbon fiber reinforced concrete, this text uses the methods of fiber materials...


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