Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hui Yong Yang, Rong Jun Liu, Ying Bin Cao, Dong Lin

Abstract: In order to fabricate high perform carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide matrix composite (C/SiC). SiC interphase of three dimensional(3D)...

Authors: N Spalie, N. Utaberta, Nag Abdullah, M. Tahir, Ai. Che Ani

Abstract: With current development in the pedagogy of teaching and learning approaches in the world, not many studies have been done on outdoor...

Authors: N. Utaberta, B. Hassanpour, Nag Abdullah, M. Tahir, Ai. Che Ani

Abstract: Education is completely linked by spiritual and mental aspects and has direct effect on thoughts and ideas; even it can make a pattern and...

Authors: N. Utaberta, N. Spalie, Nag Abdullah, M. Tahir, Ai. Che Ani

Abstract: In 1982, the National Literacy Survey carried out by the National Library reported that Malaysians only read an average of one to two...

Authors: Ya Guang Zhu, Pei Zhen Xu, Qiu Yi Li, Chuan Li

Abstract: This paper aimed to investigate the influence of using silane surface water repellent treatment on the capillary water absorption properties...

Authors: De Yu Kong, Jin Da Mao, Tong Yuan Ni, Jian Jun Zheng
Authors: Zi Wei Zhu, Bin Quan Jiao

Abstract: The performance of two-phase anaerobic in a laboratory-scale operating on traditional Chinese pharmaceutical industry wastewater at various...

Authors: Wen Bai Liu, Zi Yi Chen

Abstract: This study is concerned with the deformation field of the reinforced soil based on the consolidated drained triaxial test, using digital...

Authors: Yu Xiao Liu

Abstract: Lateral buckling must be considered in exposed HP/HT pipeline design. Snaked-lay method is an effective lateral buckling control method, a...

Authors: Qi Ming Yu, Hao Liang Sa, Qian Long Yang, Pei Ao, Xiao Jing Liao, Si Shen

Abstract: According to the BS7448 fracture toughness test standard and DNV-OS-C401,this dissertation conducted a CTOD(crack tip opening displacement)...


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