Frontiers of Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering

Volumes 71-78

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Ping Ding, Ting Sheng Zhao, Xian Zhi Liu

Abstract: With the rapid development of construction industry,accident occurs frequently,and significant social effect caused by construction safety...

Authors: Zi Wei Zhao, Xing Bin Wang

Abstract: Underground space for disaster prevention is a key component of urban disaster prevention system. The study applied GIS technology,...

Authors: Guang Hua Cai, Hai Jun Lu, Wei He, Long Guan, Wei Qi Xu

Abstract: Rainfall infiltration is currently one of the important factors in studying the soil-slope stability. By using saturated-unsaturated seepage...

Authors: Zhang Lin Guo, Qing Ke Song, Jun E Liu

Abstract: An effective and general model β€” projection pursuit clustering model is proposed in this paper. It can solve the incompatible problems of...

Authors: Heng Xu Qu

Abstract: The rigid frame of some material storage was analyzed by the nonlinearity finite element method. The intensity and stability of the rigid...

Authors: Chao Qun Ma, Yu Ping Wang, Gang Wei

Abstract: Starting with the two key factors of road breadth and the distance to intersections, the present paper analyzed the constraints of road...

Authors: Liu Yang, Xiao Wei Wei

Abstract: Several toll road corridors were surveyed for route choice behavior study and the structural equation model was used to analyze the route...

Authors: Bin Lin, Zhi Bo Chen, Tao Ma

Abstract: Compress Experiment result shows that the unsaturated Malan loess has strong structure, the structure strength is linear decreasing with the...

Authors: Hung Chi Song, Shih Ming Chen

Abstract: This study on the settlement preservation has dual themes of ensuring the continuation of the architectural history and culture, and...

Authors: Shih Ming Chen, Hung Chi Song

Abstract: This paper on the urban preservation has dual themes to discuss that preserve the value of the architectural culture, and satisfy the needs...


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